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Estimating Building Costs?

FACT: Accurately estimating building costs doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming or tricky.

There are some very straight forward ways that will enable you to get this often tiresome job done, dusted and off your desk. Better still both of the methods outlined below are accurate fast and can assist you when it comes to winning that job.

Option 1: Estimating Software – Easy Price Pro have a complete range of estimating programs that quickly and accurately calculate all the plant material, labour and hours for all types of building work and trade specific tasks. Can your current estimating system accurately price a complete extension with a full set of reports including a written quotation in about an hour? Easy Price Pro’s New Houses & Extensions Plus program can.

Easy Price Pro programs are designed by a builder, making them practical, logical and realistic. The pricing sheet is laid out in the order of a build, so the learning curve is short.

Their intuitive nature means nothing is forgotten, giving you peace of mind, but you are always in control; you can see how the program is working things out and fine tune it to your preferences if required. At the click of a button you can generate a complete set of job winning reports including payment & work schedules, summaries, material lists and a written quote. Clients can’t help but be impressed and you will have a set of job management reports to smoothly run the build.

Contact Easy Price Pro today for more info or a free live demo. Call 03333 321502, email info@easypricepro.com or visit www.easypricepro.com

Option 2: Estimating Services – If you don’t want to do the estimating yourself or if you just want a back-up Pro Estimating Services can help. All types of work can be priced including new builds, extensions, refurbishment, alterations and conversions.

This accurate affordable service provides a complete job cost and full set of reports for you and your client. With quick turnarounds and next day delivery options available just send in your plans and Pro Estimating Services will take care of the rest.

Call Pro Estimating Services now on 03333 321518, email info@pes.ltd or visit www.pes.ltd