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The benefits of digital signage for your business

Digital signage is everywhere. We see it everyday when we walk out the door, but how does is work and to what extent does it help our business?

Digital signage is a way of displaying a message with the use of technologies such as LCD, LED and Projection, and is widely used as a way of advertising and/or providing information on a product/event that will catch the eye of the public. The boards display digital images, video, streaming media and information.

Businesses often see this type of advertising as expensive, however with Content Management Systems, digital content can be created which allows advertisers to control the signage themselves, with the ability to combine audio, video image and interactivity. Advertisers have the choice of text, images, video or interactive interfaces, which allows two—way communication with users and gives an insight into customer behaviours. Digital signs can always been updated easily, and can be customised for a certain market need.

The initial outlay for the sign may be a lot more than what a printed version would cost, but money will be saved on printing further down the line – not to mention, it’s better for the environment!  Digital signage can be connected to the web, which gives the opportunity to keep up to date with customer interaction.

An eye-catching digital design can have strong influential power on buying decisions if it uses high quality images and videos. The possibility of slide shows to showcase work, means customers will have more trust seeing previous completed projects, and therefore will be more likely to buy. From seeing the strategically placed signs, brand awareness will also be increased, and the company will be seen as modern and up-to-date.

A simple digital signage system can be easily installed and up and running in no time at all, whether a company is small or large. Running 24 hours a day, customers will always be aware of the organisations presence. In a community where many people prefer digital channels of communication over non-digital, signage is a great way of reaching out to that market.

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