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Video: Apple’s new campus nears completion

Video footage showcasing the progress of construction on Apple’s new campus has been released.

The project that has been dubbed “The Spaceship” due its resemblance to an archetypal flying saucer began construction in 2014.

Located in Cupertino, California Apple’s new campus is more than a mile around and will be home to over 13,000 employees.

The video using drone technology takes a look around the development and reveals the building’s glowing façade and the underground auditorium, which will be used to launch future Apple products.

Footage also shows the research and development facility that will be the genesis of future Apple technology nearing completion.

The four-storey building will feature large glass facades to allow workers to enjoy the view from both sides of the spaceship.

The Spaceship will host seven cafés on site due to the sheer size of the project.

Staff will be able to park their vehicles in the vast underground car park, keeping the aesthetic of the development free from the sight of thousands of parked cars.

As you would expect on any new significant development, there is a emphasis on sustainability. Apple claimed that the Campus would be the “greenest building on the planet”. This claim has been disputed by some quarters but what is not in doubt is the Company’s commitment to using clean energy.

The plant will take the majority of its power from an on-site low carbon central plant, with other power being generated from solar panels.

The architects on the project are London-based company, Foster + Partners.

The originals plans did not include the spaceship design. Foster + Partners chairman, Norman Foster said: “It didn’t start as a circular building, it really grew into that. So the idea of one building with a great park was really borne out of a very intensive process.”

Mr Foster said he took inspiration from the concept of a London square surrounded by housing, which evolved into the current spaceship design.

The cost of construction is estimated at $5Bn and is scheduled to complete by end of the year. Employees should be able to begin work in the new facility in 2017.

Last week it was announced that Apple would be taking approximately 40% of the total office at the iconic Battersea Power Station regeneration.

1400 Apple employees will make the move from existing offices from around the capital to the Grade II listed former electricity generator.

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