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Barratt Homes delivers summer Site Safety Roadshow with schools

Primary schools across Scotland visited by Barratt Homes for annual summer Site Safety Roadshow.

Barratt Homes has begun its annual summer site safety roadshow with primary schools across Scotland, to highlight the dangers that exist on live construction developments, helping children stay safe and aware.

The programme started this week, and will see site safety experts from Barratt Homes visiting the West of Scotland, visiting schools in Wishaw, Robroyston and Bonnybridge.

During the Site Safety Roadshow, health and safety Manager, Stewart Ponton and his team of construction site experts deliver a 40 minute interactive presentation which includes a video, question and answer session, personal protective equipment (PPE) for the children to try on and an information pack for schools to share with students and parents.

The programme starts as the summer holidays approach, and children are often tempted to find new and interesting areas to play. Although construction workers look out for children while they are working, and secure sites at the end of the working day, it is essential that parents and schools are doing their part in teaching children the hazards of a construction site, and to avoid them.

Wit housebuilding increasing across the UK, there are a lot more opportunities closer by for children to be tempted.

The summer Site Safety Road Show is informative, giving children the opportunity to identify hazards themselves and is an active way of keeping the sites off limit.

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