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CIC launch new survey looking towards evolving the construction industry

Construction Industry Council (CIC) launches major survey providing insider’s view on construction industry and moving forward.

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) 2050 Group has launched a new survey: Looking towards an evolving construction industry, which is aimed at gaining an accurate, on-the-ground perspective of the inspirations and challenges of working in the construction and built environment industry.

Professionals from all disciplines and of all ages and at stage in their careers are welcome to participate, in order to create a balanced and widely spread representation of perception and aspirations for a successful industry and working environment.

It will provide the group with a direction regarding strategic planning for future activities and its findings will inform a report which will be circulated among senior industry figures and the main industry bodies via the Construction Industry Council.

There have been some major events since the last survey in 2014, and so the most recent one provides an updated snapshot surrounding issues such as Brexit, climate change action and job satisfaction.

Eoin Burns, CIC 2050 Group representative said of the survey: “The last survey provided great insight into the industry and its people, what motivates them and what the concerns of the time were. Revisiting these questions and looking at new issues will help the industry to understand how we can continue to change the industry for the better. We hope the results of this survey will continue to provoke discussion and debate, and to highlight key areas for change and action. This is an important piece of work, depending on wide participation. We encourage everyone to participate.”

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