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£1.1M Highways England M62 LED Lighting contract complete

McCann complete energy efficient Highways England lighting contract worth £1.1M.

A Highways England contract worth £1.1M has been completed by electrical engineering firm McCann, which involves lighting upgrades between J22 at Saddleworth Moor, and Kirklees Viaduct to the west of Junction 25.

The project, coordinated by Highways England term contractor A-one+, was completed over nine weeks between January and March 2017, and covers a total of 19km.

A total of 1,224 existing high pressure sodium lanterns were replaced with new Ampera Maxi LED lighting units and 12 existing street lighting feeder pillars were replaced.

A new Central Management System (CMS) has been installed, with remote manipulation of operational burn hours, control over the timing of dimmed lighting when there is minimal traffic and fault monitoring and energy consumption tracking systems. The reporting and control mechanisms can also be operated on a light-by-light basis or across the entire network.

The importance of energy efficient LED street lighting is being highlighted as a greener method of lighting the UK’s roads. This specific upgrade along the M62 will generate a 53% energy saving, reducing annual energy consumption from 2,203,807 kWhrs to 1,041,658 kWhrs. The energy saving per year is enough to run 20,000 households for a fortnight.

A total of 612 tonnes of carbon emissions will be saved every year.

John McCann, Managing Director at McCann, said: “Both air and light pollution are issues that continue to be addressed because the need for energy-efficient LED lighting on UK roads is becoming more important than ever before.

“The benefits of our work on the M62 will be seen far into the future, offering a more sustainable approach to lighting the way for road users. We are proud to be at the forefront of the shift to energy-efficient LED lighting in the UK and we will hopefully continue to roll out such projects in the years to come”

The new lights require no routine maintenance, which keeps down the costs of keeping them operational.

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