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Consultation on adoption of BIM on Irish public works projects begins

The Government Contracts Committee for Construction (GCCC) has kicked off the consultation process that could see the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) mandated on Irish public works projects.

Following consultation with public bodies engaged in public works projects, the GCCC has prepared a position paper seeking views from the construction industry.

The position paper ‘A Public Sector BIM Adoption Strategy’ sets out the reasons and advantages for BIM adoption and also suggests a timeline for adoption.

Responses are invited to the position paper from interested organisations and individuals and should be submitted by email to by close of business on Thursday, 13 April 2017.

The position paper is available to download here.

Next month will see Scotland implement BIM Level 2 in construction projects across the public sector and Ireland has now taken a huge step on the road to its own BIM mandate.

The UK government mandated the use of BIM to Level 2 on all central government projects in April 2016 – a move that many see as being highly influential in the recognition of BIM across the European Union.

John Hunt, Senior Strategic Advisor at Enterprise Ireland, told UK Construction Online that the news was a strong step in the right direction.

He described the paper as “a well-considered positioning paper that in effect proposes a sliding scale BIM mandate – a dynamic balance between the economic benefits and the breathing space that constructors and operators of assets will need as they adopt digital processes and tools.”

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