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Faraday Future break record with fastest electric car

Fledgling manufacturer Faraday Future (FF) has this week unveiled its first production vehicle – an autonomous electric car, able to accelerate from 0-60mph in record-breaking time (2.39 seconds).

In a bold statement of intent, FF claimed that the newly-christened FF91 would outpace Tesla’s benchmark Model S or any equivalent currently in production.

The initial reveal took place at an exclusive event held prior to the 2017 Consumer Electrics Show in Las Vegas.

During a live demonstration, the FF91 navigated itself through a car park and came to a stop, having reversed into an empty space. Pre-recorded footage also appeared to substantiate FF’s record-breaking 0-60mph claim – a feat which bests Tesla’s 2.5 second time.

The presentation was not without wrinkles however. According to the BBC, when Jia Yueting – founder and CEO of LeEco, FF’s financial partner – took to the stage to demonstrate the FF91’s self-parking functionality first-hand, the vehicle seemingly refused to comply – moving only on the second attempt.

Faraday Future Faraday Future

The event did help to clarify FF91’s hitherto unknown specifications however. The 1,050 horsepower model will be chargeable from a variety of electrical standards, with a range of 482 miles at a consistent 55mph.

In a clear endorsement of in-car connectivity, the California-based start-up explained that prospective motorists would be able to link-up with their vehicle via a ‘FFID’ account. From here, they will be able to share data – be it music, movies or travel routes – between computers, tablets and phones, and the car itself.

The official unveiling is a much-anticipated milestone for FF and its 1,000-strong workforce. In recent months doubt has been cast over the Company’s financial stability. Ambitious plans for a Las Vegas manufactory were shelved in November, with moneyman Mr Jia stating that his Firm’s finances were under pressure.

Since its 2016 reveal, FF’s futuristic concept car has also been met with scepticism. It is hoped that a fuller, more in-depth look will win-over motorists and reassure investors both.

Currently, Faraday Future anticipate the FF91 will be released in 2018. Interested parties will have to stump up a $5,000 (£4,080) refundable deposit to pre-order. Whether the FN91 will truly surpass Tesla’s Model S remains to be seen however.

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