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Lincolnshire Lakes to get two new villages

Green light given for two new Lincolnshire Lakes villages.

North Lincolnshire Council has granted outline planning permission which will see the development of two new villages at the major Lincolnshire Lakes mixed use development on the outskirts of Scunthorpe.

The major scheme will bring a variety of benefits to the area, and this planning approval covers an initial 3,000 high quality new homes within two new village communities which will feature public amenities and leisure facilities. It will also improve flood defences for Burringam, Gunness and other surrounding communities and enable Scunthorpe United FC to submit plans for a brand new stadium.

The Lincolnshire Lakes development has been proposed by specialist strategic land assembly and land development company Lucent Group. It covers land to the west of Scotter Road and will incorporate a new primary school, youth centre, community centre, an integrated health centre and commercial space. There will be local shops, amenities and public spaces within both villages and a network of walking and cycling routes will be developed along tree-lined streets throughout the two villages and connect them to each other. The public spaces will include natural landscapes, wetlands, parkland, play areas and sports pithes for recreational activities.

The council also approved a detailed planning proposal relating to major highways infrastructure at the meeting on October 22nd. This will involve the construction of a new junction on the M181 and an east-west link road for the development.

The flood defence infrastructure included within the proposal will improve the existing defences surrounding Burringham and Gunness and increase the protection for the Lincolnshire Lakes residents. The proposals include reinforcement of the existing earth bank on the River Trent with steel piling and refurbishment to improve the existing pumping station at Burringham. The Environment Agency was consulted throughout the planning process and has written to the council to confirm it has no objections to the proposals for Lincolnshire Lakes. 

Commenting on the council’s decision, Charles Flynn, Lucent’s founder and CEO, said: “We are delighted to have been granted planning permission for the Lincolnshire Lakes project. We have worked with an exceptional team of consultants to bring the project to this stage and are grateful for North Lincolnshire Council’s input and guidance into what is a landmark development for the region. We can now look to moving forward with the development to create new communities of which everybody can be proud.”

Mr Flynn added: “Two villages are at the heart of this project; their character and identity will evolve gradually over time to give residents a fantastic place to live, work and play. We believe the proposals will set a new benchmark in design quality for the area and provide villages that create a strong sense of community life while boosting the prosperity of the area through infrastructure improvements and job creation.”

The initial 3,000 homes and public amenities will make up just part of the overall 6,000 homes which are expected to make up the entire Lincolnshire Lakes development. It is expected to accelerate regeneration and inward investment opportunities in the area and is estimated to create 4,000 new jobs.