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First appointments for Southern Housing Group’s Contractors’ Framework

Southern Housing Group – a member of the g15 and one of southern England’s largest housing associations – has launched its very first Contractors’ Framework, devised to better manage key contractor relationships.

Worth £630M over a four year period, the framework lays the foundation for delivery of more than 450 new homes each year until 2025, with Southern Housing appointing 13 big name contractors to help fulfil its housing needs – among them Durkan and United Living.

Each contractor has undergone a rigorous screening process, assessing the ways in which prospective partners might contribute to Southern Housing’s ongoing social objectives.

Already, Southern Housing Group’s development strategy has paid dividends, with 393 homes built in 2016/17 – 75% of which were affordable. The number of new homes anticipated for the current year is 479, with more than 65% of these affordable.

The Constructors’ Framework will embed a partnership approach within the Group’s delivery partners, delivering new homes through joint venture style arrangements. It forms part of a larger network of refreshed or new frameworks for the Group’s architects, employers’ agents, structural engineers, services engineers and principal designers.

Together, each framework partner will work alongside the Group’s new in-house building company, Southern Housing Construction Ltd, to deliver on its development aspirations.

The 13 appointments to Southern Housing Group’s Contractors’ Framework are:

  1. Ardmore Construction Ltd
  2. Bouyges UK
  3. Durkan Ltd
  4. Galliford Try Partnerships Ltd
  5. Guildmore Ltd
  6. Hill Partnerships Ltd
  7. Keepmoat Regeneration Ltd
  8. Mullaley & Company
  9. Osborne Ltd
  10. Rydon Group Ltd
  11. Stoneham Construction Ltd
  12. United Living (South) Ltd
  13. Wates Construction Ltd

Andy Berridge, Development Director at Southern Housing Group, said: “This framework is the culmination of a huge amount of work and is a vital next step in realising the Group’s development plans. I am delighted to welcome our contractor partners. I am looking forward to the new frameworks making a real difference to delivering the Group’s development strategy over the next few years. The next steps now will be to develop KPIs and agree ways of working and best practice.”

Alan Townshend, Group Development Director, added: “As the Group progresses its plans to increase the output of new homes there is a growing need to marshal the Group’s resources effectively. With over £630M worth of contracts up for appointment over the next few years we have to ensure we are delivering value for money. This framework will help us to achieve this whilst remaining true to our social objectives. We remain committed to delivering a high proportion of affordable good quality homes for people in need.”

The framework will officially launch at an event on 5 October 2017, held at the Group’s London headquarters in Clerkenwell.

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