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Video: World record-breaking drones light show

With the smell of bonfire beginning to clear and the fireworks disappearing with one last bang and crackle, why not take a look at a video of a different kind of spectacular light show?

Far from the usual fare of roman candles, Catherine wheels and rockets, 500 drones lit up the night sky in Germany this week as part of a world record attempt by American technology giant, Intel.

On a football field in in Krailling, the individually LED-lit drones set a new world record for the Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously.

The drones used in this display were not the usual drone you might find being used currently in the construction industry for such roles as surveying and mapping but specifically designed for putting on lightshows such as the one in the video.

Natalie Cheung, Intel Light Show Business Lead, said: “We’re showing regulators around the world that UAV technologies used the right ways can help shape new rules for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles.”

The Intel Shooting Star drone weighs in at just 280 grams with a propeller secured in a cage for optimum safety.

The video shows the drones flying in formation before coming together to create the number ‘500’ to mark the record, before finally forming the Intel logo.

The 500 LED-lit drones broke its own world record after setting the record with 100 UAVs in 2015. The record meant that all the drones had to remain in the air for a minimum of one minute.

The UAVs can be operated by one person from a laptop, with another person on stand-by to take control should need arise.

Daniel Gurdan, Intel Engineering Lead, said: “These drones are able to fly as a fleet. This is the first time ever we can show it works so well with so many drones!”

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