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Maintaining the edge: the specialised Yale solution

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Maintaining the edge: the specialised Yale solution

One of the most crucial ingredients in the materials handling industry is the safe transportation of packaged goods from origin to destination. Logistics operators in a wide variety of industries need to be confident that their products arrive in the best condition possible to minimise delays and ensure customer satisfaction.

To facilitate the safe transportation of packaged goods, Abzac Romania produces cardboard accessories suitable for a wide range of applications. Founded in 1928, Abzac Romania uses its decades of expertise and conducts continuous research to develop specific solutions to each of the industries the company caters for, adjusting its products to the application required.

One of the main staples of Abzac Romania’s product offering is the cardboard bracket, which protects and strengthens packages through conferred resistance around their edges. The simple design and robustness of the cardboard brackets allow them to be utilised in a variety of industries, including wood, food, pharmaceutical and aviation.

The company also produces innovative cardboard tubes, which can be used in the paper, plastic, textiles, labels and adhesives or construction industries. They are designed to meet their customers’ individual needs, whether that be crush resistant, dynamic loading and vibration, radial compression, rigid or malleable materials.

Customisation improves handling efficiency

All of the solutions Abzac Romania produces begin as large cardboard coils, delivered to their warehouse in Ploiesti, Romania. The company handles between 20-25 cardboard coils per day, working in two shifts between 07:00 and 24:00. To maintain its high productivity, Abzac Romania required a materials handling solution that could maximise its heavy duty application. Operator and equipment efficiency was also a key concern, as well as keeping downtime of the materials handling equipment at a minimum.

To find a solution perfectly suited to their needs, Abzac Romania consulted Vectra Eurolift Service. Vectra Eurolift Service has been the exclusive dealer of Yale® solutions in Romania since 2015 and is the sole service provider of Yale products in the region. Vectra Eurolift Service recommended the four wheel Yale ERP35VL electric counterbalance truck, fitted with a 360 degree rotating clamp that ensures excellent pallet visibility. The customised solution allows Abzac Romania to transfer the cardboard coils directly from the trailer to the production area without the need to switch materials handling equipment.

Abzac Romania required a reliable solution to handle the bulky cardboard coils to ensure its objectives are met at the end of each day. The ERP35VL is designed for intense applications and has a lifting capacity of 3500 kg at heights of up to 4610 m, making it a fitting solution to the specific needs of Abzac Romania.lift truck

Operator confidence and comfort

The ERP35VL is fitted with the YaleStop™ feature to ensure operator confidence when lifting or loading goods. This allows operators to load and unload the cardboard coils knowing the park brake is automatically engaged, particularly useful when working on gradients.

Operators at Abzac Romania often complete long shifts. Designed to offer low levels of vibration, the ERP35VL helps to reduce potential back strain and fatigue in the operator during their shift.

Logistics expertise goes a long way

Working closely with the client to understand their business is a key factor in ensuring both customer satisfaction, and perfecting the right solution. Vectra Eurolift Services was able to use its wealth of experience in the materials handling industry to advise Abzac on the solution and customisation that best fit the company’s needs.

“The main reasons why Abzac Romania chose Yale equipment were for Vectra Eurolift Service’s experience in this field, good communication, and accurate understanding of the application,” said Delia Dumitru, Plant Manager of Abzac Romania.

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