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Four ways to immediately make your workplace safer


As part of an organisation where EHSQ truly matters, you’re always looking for new ways to make your environment a safer place to be. Your pursuit of minimising accidents and reducing the likelihood of disruptive incidents has already led you to NordSafety, and a mobile-based future for health and safety monitoring and reporting.

To help you even further in your aim to tackle hazards and keep track of near misses, NordSafety has compiled four ways that our mobile app can make your ecosystem safer right now.

1. Take EHSQ management mobile

The very act of managing your EHSQ via a mobile application puts you strides ahead in your attempts to increase safety. NordSafety allows you to produce incident reports right from the scene, include images to document your findings and assign tasks while on the go. Being able to monitor and manage any crisis without the need to be stationed at a desk gives you the freedom to get things done from the field, from any device.

2. Create a safety savvy workforce

 Engaging staff with health and safety processes and guidelines should be a priority for businesses who want to improve the safety culture around their facility and get a better overview of working practices. Promoting awareness of the working environment, and enabling employees to monitor and report the condition of their surroundings will make for a more alert workforce.

NordSafety’s public reporting feature allows you to gather data from a wide range of sources, improving the odds that dangerous situations can be averted. Increase the eyes on the ground by encouraging staff and visitors to report their observations, maintenance requests and submit photographs whenever they notice that something is amiss.

3. Make your facility picture perfect

The ability to include images in your reports is a valuable feature of NordSafety. Taking photographs of an incident that has taken place, damage that has occurred, or things that need to be fixed will allow you to document your EHSQ and building maintenance in a whole new way. Add images to risk assessments and audits, and take, store and share photographs to add a new level of visual information.

4. Speed up your safety processes

 When you’re managing ESHQ, you’ll need time to make sure that the working environment is maintained, that the correct equipment has been provided, and that workers are aware of guidelines with the correct training given. All of this takes time, and that isn’t time that you want to be losing to admin.

NordSafety allows users to save as much as 60% of the time they would usually spend on admin procedures. Reducing paper trials and providing you with instant communications and data gives you the time you need to focus on assessing and preparing for risks.

Make your workplace a safer place to be with NordSafety.

Taking your EHSQ management digital with NordSafety creates a more engaged workforce, improves auditing and reports, and increases safety awareness throughout your facility. To see for yourself how NordSafety is leading the way in mobile EHSQ innovation, get started with a guided product demo, or to find out more about ways our app could prevent accident and injury for your workforce, simply contact our team.


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At Skangas safety is a high priority. We implemented NordSafety platform at our Pori LNG terminal construction site to make HSE reporting easier and more comprehensive. Major benefits are gained in time savings with mobile reporting but also through straight forward ways to manage HSE issues.

Stanislav Lysak, Skangas

We have been extremely happy with NordSafety EHS solution. It's easy to use and reporting on the field is simple. We take safety seriously and identification of risks and hazards is a very important function for us. Our goals are to prevent accidents and to find out new things to improve in our working environment. With NordSafety EHS solution all this has become really easy and our people are more engaged to use the system because of the great user experience.

Minna Vikeväinen, OUSE
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