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When it comes to dealing with incidents, minimising potential hazards and reducing the risk of threat, no one job role can single-handedly shoulder the burden of keeping everybody else safe. EHSQ works best when undertaken as a team effort, with workers at every level taking responsibility for their surroundings, following regulations and endeavouring to be conscientious towards the safety of themselves, and of others.

With the following five collaborative steps, NordSafety encourages safety conscious teams to come together as a complete ecosystem to avoid accident, injury and damage.

1. Communication at all times

Keeping the lines of communication open will encourage staff to speak up about possible dangers or improvements that could be made. All staff should know who to contact or report to in the event of an occurrence and how they can convey their concerns or observations. Keeping EHSQ matters within the senior levels of a hierarchy can cause important issues to be overlooked, and garner a sense of mistrust and complacency further down the chain.

2. Invest in your staff

 Ensuring that all staff have been correctly trained will go a long way towards keeping safety prevalent throughout all levels of the business. Keeping everyone in the organisation up to date with the latest health and safety practices, guidelines and company policies not only works towards compliance, but gives employees the essential information and awareness they need to avoid harm.

Always ensure that everybody has access to the correct tools and equipment they need to do their job correctly, safely and comfortably, and that workers understand the correct procedures for using apparatus.

3. Collaboration

The right software can facilitate collaboration and better comms between everyone involved. NordSafety’s collaboration tool allows you to invite different parties that are working on the same project, permitting everybody to see all the information you produce and share. When contractors and sub-contractors are present, this feature makes it easier for you to manage a whole network of different companies from one singular hub.

4. Monitor surroundings

 Because nobody can have eyes and ears in all places at once, all on-site staff should be accountable for monitoring their working environment. When done collectively, resolving or reporting hazards and registering maintenance issues can be a much more effective process.

NordSafety’s public reporting tool allows workers and guests the function to submit their findings, whether something is in need of repair, a near miss has taken place or an incident is underway. Encouraging everyone on the ground to utilise their familiarity with their environment and proximity to any issues that may occur will make for a more alert ecosystem.

5. Engage your workforce

 A workforce that is engaged in health and safety and prepared for danger is likely to result in less disruptions, injuries and risk. Employees can be encouraged to take part in EHSQ schemes and activities, and to give their opinions to senior staff or through company outreach plans.

Promoting high levels of consideration, vigilance and attention to detail will not only contribute to the safety of individuals, but make for a more aware and mindful ecosystem as a whole.

Make your entire ecosystem safer with NordSafety.

Taking your EHSQ management digital with NordSafety creates a more engaged workforce, improves auditing and reports, and increases safety awareness throughout your facility. To see for yourself how NordSafety is leading the way in mobile EHSQ innovation, get started with a guided product demo, or to find out more about ways our app could prevent accident and injury for your workforce, simply contact our team.

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At Skangas safety is a high priority. We implemented NordSafety platform at our Pori LNG terminal construction site to make HSE reporting easier and more comprehensive. Major benefits are gained in time savings with mobile reporting but also through straight forward ways to manage HSE issues.

Stanislav Lysak, Skangas

We have been extremely happy with NordSafety EHS solution. It's easy to use and reporting on the field is simple. We take safety seriously and identification of risks and hazards is a very important function for us. Our goals are to prevent accidents and to find out new things to improve in our working environment. With NordSafety EHS solution all this has become really easy and our people are more engaged to use the system because of the great user experience.

Minna Vikeväinen, OUSE
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