Three pillars of importance: The NHDG ‘s impact on Net Zero targets

NHDG is an industry leader in delivering the high-quality energy efficiency measures at scale to help the UK strive toward its ambitious net zero targets.

ICE calls for sustainability focus

State of the Nation: Institution of Civil Engineers encourages infrastructure professionals to renew focus on sustainability goals.

Five ways to reduce emissions in the built environment 

Innovators need to focus to reduce household emissions across the built environment in time for 2050.

Global Call by the President of the World Cement Association

Wei Rushan, WCA President of the World Cement Association sends out a global call following COP28.

2024 Construction predictions

As we move in to 2024, what areas are expected to drive further change and what will likely become hot topics.

Building a sustainable built enviornment – On the path to Net Zero

How the sector can contribute to the transition to a net zero economy.

Above and beyond: Pushing Social Value

Pagabo, discusses where national framework providers and clients can go above and beyond PPN 06/20

Timber roadmap to boost construction and reduce emissions

New timber roadmap launched to boost UK construction and reduce emissions

New planning rules to boost solar rollout and slash energy bills

Homes and businesses will be able to install rooftop solar panels more easily, under new rules recently announced.  

Climate change and construction: a marriage made in hell

A look at how the construction industry is contributing to climate change globally and the solutions at hand.