Scotland’s Floating Tidal Turbine

Orbital Marine Power Ltd are working towards an innovative solution to carbon emissions.

Infrastructure analysis and forecasting wizards

Jim Hall, Director of the UK ITRC, outlines his vision for a cohesive, joined-up approach to multi-infrastructure projects.

The Impact of Climate Change on the UK Planning System

Lofty climate change ambitions are unlikely to be met without significant change to the planning system. 

ICE State of the Nation 2019: Connecting infrastructure with housing

ICE has released its latest State of the Nation report.

The state of the subcontracting industry: How can Bibby Financial Services help?

The subcontracting industry has suffered from the average contract pipeline shrinking.

Building homes that are fit for the future

How can the industry ensure that the next generation of UK housing ticks all the environmental boxes?

Transforming Construction: Government and industry join forces to haul construction into the 21st century

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)’s Transforming Construction programme is focused on three strategic solutions.

Cost-benefit calculations: How sound are they?

Cost-benefit analyses can be used to determine whether to invest in a new project.

Transforming data sharing, modelling and visualisation of infrastructure

DAFNI 1.0 is designed to allow a more cohesive picture of the UK’s infrastructure needs, possibilities and policies to be developed.

Project to product thinking: The Golden Thread

The key to making offsite mainstream in construction.