Education & Training

Steps to Rebuild Construction Recruitment

Michelle Essen and Sarah Wales discuss some of the steps needed to rebuild construction recruitment plans for 2021.

Chancellor Should Use New Freedoms to Support Construction

Chancellor Rishi Sunak must use the Government’s Brexit freedoms to make fiscal changes to support the construction and property sectors

Considerations when choosing an ERP System

how do you choose the most appropriate enterprise resource planning (ERP) system solution for your business

Time to Start Boxing Clever with MMC in 2021

Anthony Lymer of Protrade, which analyses the pros and cons of MMC in 2021 and why it is time to start boxing clever.

Businesses Must Review Contract Terms in Light of Covid

Peter Kouwenberg of Taylor Walton, explains the importance of drafting thorough FM clauses to defend against a breach of contract.

Safeguarding the Future of the Younger Generation

National Apprenticeship Week is a celebration which shines a light on apprentices within the UK and those businesses

WCA Launches Gender Focus Network

The WCA has launched a Gender Focus Network, an initiative which aims to improve women’s representation within the global cement community.

CSIC Launches New Diversity Initiative

CSIC has announced the launch of its new initiative which will promote diversity and inclusion throughout the construction industry

Construction Needs a Gold Standard

Gerard Toplass, executive chairman of framework provider Pagabo, discusses the need for creating a new quality benchmark in construction

Sustainability Helps Civil Engineering Become Carbon Net Zero

James Maclean, CEO at Land & Water writes about how sustainable practices need to be adopted by the civil engineering industry