Finance & Legislation

Government awards grant for home retrofits

A new project to develop an innovative point-of-sale finance technology solution for residential retrofit decarbonisation has been awarded almost £1.8m in government funding

Construction sees most insolvencies

The construction sector is experiencing the highest number of insolvencies of any industry in the UK.

Public funding for ProjectPay’s payments solution

ProjectPay provides payment protection contractors across the building supply chain.

Sustained slump in activity since September

The latest PMI® data has been released looking at construction activity over the last month.

Third party red flags: how developers can avoid reputational damage 

There are a plethora of risks that developers might face when seeking to deliver a project via a third-party contractor.

£100M export opportunities for Zanzibar infrastructure

Infrastructure upgrades to Zanzibar, Tanzania, will provide UK exporters with some £100M of opportunities,

Construction firms fined nearly £60M for bid rigging

Ten construction firms have been fined almost £60M by the CMA for illegally colluding to rig bids.

What is Social Value and how does it help suppliers to win work with the public sector?

Guy Battle, CEO, Social Value Portal offers his unique perspective on what it takes to win new contract

Reacting to the recession in the construction industry: What are the dangers? 

In a period of recession, the construction industry, like so many others, will be scrutinising all spending and prioritising cash flow above all else.  

How construction companies can mitigate the risks posed by economic instability

Whilst the economic forecast has improved and recession on the scale of 2008/9 looks increasingly unlikely, these are difficult times for the industry,