Finance & Legislation

SMEs: building the future

Small and medium-sized enterprises are a vital ingredient to help drive better performance from our construction industry.

Scottish construction collateral warranties: timeless, or on borrowed time? 

Third party rights in Scotland have potential, but will collateral warranties ever really be on borrowed time?

Spotting the signs of modern slavery

The UK construction sector is a high risk industry for labour exploitation.

Lessons from Carillion: reform of retentions at last?

Jonathan Hyndman discusses the need for reform in retentions payments in the industry.

Brexodus exacerbates skills crisis

The latest analysis shows that the loss of EU workers will exacerbate the skills crisis.

Construction on the back foot as England strike

The latest ONS statistics for construction output have been released, making tough reading for the industry.

Why construction businesses are plagued with supply chain issues

The technology that can equip project managers to avoid errors in the supply chain is there, it’s just not being utilised.

FMB calls for construction licensing

80% of builders and consumers support license scheme for UK construction industry.

The implications of Brexit for UK construction

The uncertainty surrounding Brexit is affecting four areas in construction – workforce, materials, red tape, and funding.

The impact of Brexit on immigration and the skills shortage

In a sector heavily reliant on imported skilled labour, Tsige Berhanu, discusses the implications of Brexit on the skills shortage.