Construction workers at risk from poor mental health

Following mental health week, new research shows that half of all UK construction workers, or 1.5m people have worked in a dangerous environment while suffering poor mental health and close to 700,000 suffered injuries, according to new research from business insurer QBE. For the first time, QBE research shows the

Third of construction firms surveyed worry they won’t last the year

More than a third of construction firms are concerned they won’t be able to trade into 2025.

Construction project management contributes £33Bn to UK economy

The construction sector of the project management has grown by over 20% in five years to contribute £33Bn of annual GVA to the UK economy.

New report outlines highways and transportation sector employment trends

CIHT) has released a groundbreaking benchmark report that tracks employment trends.

Industry fails to tackle smoking

Engineering industry fails to tackle smoking: three times more likely to smoke, according to public health data.

Gender pay gap for UK tradespeople revealed

Across a working lifetime, tradesmen may earn £700K more on average compared to their female counterparts.

Mental health worries for construction professionals

87% agreed that ‘working on my main project has negatively affected my mental wellbeing’.

Tackling skills shortages in the construction industry with UK apprenticeships

As the rate of UK construction workers continues to decrease businesses must rapidly fill skills gaps to keep up with industry demands.

Navigating the UK’s immigration system

A guide for construction employers on hiring overseas talents,

How the Engineering and Construction sector has adapted to become a more diverse workforce

Figures from 2022 show that women make up just 16.5% of all UK engineers.