Decarbonisation Strategy Opens for Consultation

The first ever Decarbonisation Strategy for the North of England has opened for consultation, Transport for the North has announced.

New Emissions Target and the Queen’s Speech

Spring has presented UK construction with new food for thought. Between the UK’s new 2035 target to reduce emissions

New Prisons to Go Green

New prisons being built in the UK will be equally effective at cutting carbon emissions and crime, said Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland

The Future of Cities Post-Covid & Adapting Plans

Dave Mann, managing director at dxw explores how we can make sure local plans operate across regions and support the development to rebuild

Revolutionary Brick Goes Into Production

A new, revolutionary brick made from 90% recycled demolition and construction waste materials has been awarded funding.

New Homes lead renewable energy revolution

Here, we explore why the construction of new homes is creating renewable energy possibilities

How Data is Greening UK Infrastructure

Mark Coates discusses how the use of data to achieve long-term net-zero carbon targets is helping secure better lending rates

Realising Sustainability Ambitions

Jamie Cameron explores how businesses can reach the proposed BEIS framework for rating the energy and carbon performance

£4.2m Electricity Supply Upgrade

Thousands of residents in Kingston are getting the benefit of a £4.2 million electricity network upgrade thanks to UK Power Networks

Cross Laminated Timber Builds Greener Future

Kevin Mallon from Gilbert-Ash believes Cross Laminated Timber can help the construction industry build a greener future