Triple Point: Long-Awaited Clarity for Delay Damages

Kate Onions and Laura Taylor write about the Triple Point decision and it will impact customers and suppliers

English Courts Continue to Sympathise with Claimants on Fire Safety

In a case regarding a fire safety claim, theTCC provided guidance on the approach it will take when exercising discretion to allow amendments

TCC Finds Liquidated Damages Not Invalidated

In the recent case of Eco World the English TCC found that an employer was entitled to claim the full amount of liquidated damages payable

Shortages Causing ‘Adversarial Atmosphere’

Materials shortages across the construction industry are leading to contractors and developers becoming increasingly entrenched

Court Confirms Two-Tier System for Collateral Warranties

A recent Court decision confirms a two-tier system applies for collateral warranties with far-reaching implications for construction projects and real estate transactions. In Toppan Holdings Limited and another v Simply Construct (UK) LLP, the Technology and Construction Court (“TCC”) has provided rare guidance on whether collateral warranties given on construction projects are “construction

What Works are ‘Any Works’?

In a case which will be of significant interest to developers and operators of large energy and infrastructure projects

Businesses must Expect more Flexible Working Requests

Tina Chander from Wright Hassall writes about dealing with more flexible working requests from staff due to the COVID-19 pandemic.