Court of Appeal Revisits Two-Tie System for Collateral Warranties

Barry Hembling discusses the confirmation that it intends to review whether collateral warranties attract statutory adjudication rights

Stopping racism in the workplace

Here we look at how the law views racism at work, and what employers can be done to shield employees from its influence.

New dwellings are zero rated for VAT, right? Not quite.

In this article Kevin Hall at Wright Hassall will explain the situation regarding zero-rating for VAT and property development, cover some of the common errors and changes that lead to VAT headaches and highlight simple steps to ensuring the rates are right for every aspect of a development. VAT is

UK Supreme Court Confirms Commercially Reasonable Approach to Liquidated Damages

This summer, the UK Supreme Court issued its long-awaited verdict in the case of Triple Point Technology vs PTT Public Company.

Invalid Payment Notices & Requirement for Genuine Belief

Ryland Ash of WFW the TCC has provided guidance on the requirement in s.110A(2)(a) of the Construction Act that a payment notice

RSH Identifies Risks in Social Housing Sector

The RSH has set out its view of the key risks and challenges currently facing social housing, in its latest Sector Risk Profile.

Claiming Multiple Debts in One Adjudication

An important new decision from the TCC allows a quicker and more cost effective route to recover debts on construction contracts

Budget 2021: Filing Patents Could Help Businesses Offset Planned Corporation Tax Increases

Innovative firms should reconsider the importance of patents as part of their business model ahead of planned corporation tax increases

Triple Point: Long-Awaited Clarity for Delay Damages

Kate Onions and Laura Taylor write about the Triple Point decision and it will impact customers and suppliers

English Courts Continue to Sympathise with Claimants on Fire Safety

In a case regarding a fire safety claim, theTCC provided guidance on the approach it will take when exercising discretion to allow amendments