Heating & Ventilation

Progressing the way to net zero development

To achieve net zero carbon, developers must focus on reducing emissions dramatically.

New report tracks true cost of green energy switch

New report suggests Heat Pumps are much more expensive to install than HYdrogen ready boilers.

Patent of the Month: Heat Pumps U-bend U-turn 

Currently, around 14% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to heating or cooling buildings 

Next Gen Networks Power Green Revolution

Homes and businesses are to be made greener, thanks to low-carbon energy which is being placed at the heart of the latest round of funding

Fabricator Secures Major Bristol Development

Welsh aluminium fabricator Dudley’s Aluminium has secured another multimillion-pound contract at a major mixed use development in Bristol.

Maintaining a Heritage Site

Victor Chirilas, Director of Mainmark Ground Engineering, UK discusses subsidence in heritage buildings and when to seek professional help.  

Real Estate Must Move with the Times

Liviu Tudor writes about why the commercial and corporate real estate sector must fast adapt to the challenges posed by the pandemic

Patent of the Month: Cavity Wall Drainage

With everyone having to stay at home over the last year, many people have been inspired to take on home improvement projects

Contractor to Deliver £24m Heating Upgrades

Thousands of residents who live in tower blocks in Leeds are set to benefit from cheaper and more reliable heating.

Edinburgh Architects Gain Queen’s Award

An Edinburgh-based architect, Kettle Collective, is calling for architects to be at the forefront when it comes to tackling carbon reduction