Health & Safety

Construction workers at risk from poor mental health

Following mental health week, new research shows that half of all UK construction workers, or 1.5m people have worked in a dangerous environment while suffering poor mental health and close to 700,000 suffered injuries, according to new research from business insurer QBE. For the first time, QBE research shows the

Building Safety Act can help construction ‘right its wrongs’

The Building Safety Act will bring about changes to culture on a scale never seen before, according to the CEO of LABC.

No falls week: Expert warns employers of injury risk

The No Falls Foundation (a charity committed to preventing death as a result of falls from height) has launched the first ever ‘No Falls Week’ this May

Falling from height workplace injuries

Following the recent tragic news of Gogglebox star, George Gilbey's death is a stark reminder of the safety risks on a construction site.

How AI technology is making the construction sector safer

The most groundbreaking solutions currently changing workplace health and safety are those which harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

HSE builds construction support to protect workers’ mental health

The construction industry has stepped-up its efforts to combat work-related stress and promote good mental health.

Revolutionising Construction Safety: The Impact of Technology

Kingsley Clarke, Operations Lead at SCF, discusses some of the top technological safety interventions and tools.

Construction Workers want Mental Health support in new Jobs

Almost nine in every ten construction workers think mental health support is important when choosing their next jobs.

SMuRFS to make nuclear decommissioning safer

Nuclear power stations could be decommissioned in the future with the help of SMuRFs, scientists have suggested.

Industry fails to tackle smoking

Engineering industry fails to tackle smoking: three times more likely to smoke, according to public health data.