Health & Safety

English Courts Continue to Sympathise with Claimants on Fire Safety

In a case regarding a fire safety claim, theTCC provided guidance on the approach it will take when exercising discretion to allow amendments

Real Estate Must Move with the Times

Liviu Tudor writes about why the commercial and corporate real estate sector must fast adapt to the challenges posed by the pandemic

Digitisation in Construction Helping Manage Vaccinations

Mark Shaw, CEO of Tento Applied Sciences writes about the digitisation in construction, and how this is helping to manage vaccinations.  

Construction Workers Do Not Intend to Commute

Almost one in five construction workers have said that they don’t intend to return to the office post pandemic

Building Safety Bill Announced

The Building Safety Bill published on Monday 5 July will create lasting generational change and set out a clear pathway for the future

LHC Announces Short Extension for Framework

LHC is pleased to announce that it has extend its schools and community buildings framework by an extra three months

How COVID Has Affected Health & Safety

As the UK begins its exit from lockdown, the trade industry can look to slowly relax its Covid restrictions.

Revolutionising Construction Health & Safety

Software developer and IT solutions provider Helastel has announced the launch of Illeso, a health and safety compliance application

Establishing Resilient Health & Safety Practice

This year, the ILO is promoting learning developed through the COVID-19 pandemic and investing in resilient health and safety systems

PlanRadar and British Land Team Up

PlanRadar has announced that is has formed a new partnership with British Land from May 2021 with British Land using PlanRadar's technology