Health & Safety

“It’s not just RAAC…all traditional concrete is a big problem”, says leading construction sector carbon expert

A construction sector environmental expert has urged specifiers to avoid being lulled by a crisis involving a hazardous concrete into believing they should now shun only one form of this material.

The low-down on high risk

What exactly is an High Risk Building and how does the industry need to be prepared for managing the development stages of a project?

Mental health worries for construction professionals

87% agreed that ‘working on my main project has negatively affected my mental wellbeing’.

HSE fine asbestos breach

HSE has fined a construction company for exposing the public to asbestos.

Safety of construction workers at risk as unannounced HSE inspections decline

According to the Health and Safety Executive, construction-related fatalities have increased by 55% in the last reporting year.

Construction deaths revealed

HSE reveals construction is still the most dangerous profession in latest report.

Ensuring Safety and Justice in the Workplace

A Call for Employer Responsibility and Employee Protection

Stress sees 2.1M construction workers on sick

Eight out of ten construction workers in the UK have taken sick leave due to stress.

HSE Dust Kills campaign

The HSE is launching its summer safety campaign which will target construction sites across Great Britain, focussing on respiratory risks from exposure to dust.

‘Severe consequences’ for refusal to remediate cladding

Severe consequences for cladding manufacturers if they do not proceed with remediation packages.