Opportunity in Healthcare Infrastructure for SME Suppliers

The UK is currently undergoing a post-pandemic recovery meaning there will be more opportunities within the healthcare infrastructure sector.

Life After Coronavirus Lockdown

Life has changed for many people within the construction sector, with many being on furlough, but what impact has there been on mental health?

Samaritans to Work with Roofers

The Samaritans and the NFRC are teaming up to explore how construction and mental health can support each other

Mental Health in the Workplace

Dicky Lewis of White Red Architects writes about how lockdown has effected the mental health of many workers within the industry.

Why is construction suffering with mental health

Emily Cooke, business psychologist for Thrive, speaks about why the construction industry has been suffering with mental health.

Mental Health in Construction Industry

Stigmas surrounding mental health have started to evolve, more companies are providing staff with the appropriate support when they need it.

How COVID affected the trade’s mental health

Mental health has always been an important topic within the construction industry, especially for painters and decorators. 

Overcoming Ageism In The Engineering & Tech

This article was written by Eliza Cochrane, in this latest feature she writes about how to tackle ageism in the tech and engineering sector.

When Every Second Counts: What to Look for When Selecting a Courier Partner

John Afonso, Managing Director of Victory Courier Services, considers logistics from a healthcare perspective and explains what you should expect from your chosen delivery partner.

Pick Everard to Overhaul NHS Facilities

Pick Everard have been chosen for a programme of works for health facilities, which are owned by NHS Property Services.