Energy, Fuel & Utilities

Green energy is the future

We’re approaching the golden age of ‘grid parity’ for solar and a huge reduction in wind generation production costs.

Irish supply chain primed to help UK meet ambitious 2030 offshore wind targets

With plans to generate 30GW of offshore wind power by 2030, the UK looks to experienced Irish supply chain.

The challenges in the construction of energy projects

Perhaps the most critical issue in all energy construction projects is completion date.

Major engineering infrastructure project for Jersey

The £56M design and build project will see a new sewage treatment works developed at Bellozanne, St Helier.

Super sewer drills apprentices

Tideway has announced 12 new apprenticeships which will train the next generation of tunnellers.

Improving energy efficiency with a detailed plan

Making energy efficiency improvements in the NHS estate.

Imperative for resilient UK infrastructure

Infrastructure is at the heart of the UK’s economy and productivity, running through transport, communication, energy, water supply and sewage systems. To prevent significant disruption to our transport, economy, well-being or even loss of life, it’s essential that infrastructure is protected and scenarios explored to help counter threats such as

Veolia CHP reaches new heights

This latest CHP application will cut carbon emissions by 556 tonnes per year.

Highview Power’s world first grid-scale liquid air energy storage plant

Highview Power’s world first grid-scale liquid air energy storage plant.

Homing in on a robust, future-proof infrastructure solution

How to address the infrastructure challenges for electric vehicles.