How are modern methods of construction helping to exceed net zero targets in practice?

The World Green Council calls for all new buildings, renovations and infrastructure to reduce embodied carbon by at least 40% as soon as 2030,

Building the digital future

What will be the driving force behind a digitally built Britain?

Addressing the climate crisis through digital twins

Digital twins provide visual intelligence, but how can it help the built environment sector reach its sustainability targets?

The role of public purpose technology in levelling up

The Levelling Up White Paper highlighted technological progress as a key driver in addressing geographical disparities across the UK.

Levelling up: Smart tech for sustainability

In its levelling up whitepaper, the government detailed plans to implement a complete ‘system change’.

2022: The golden year for off-site

Why MMC and off-site manufacturing will become invaluable to the construction sector this year.

Taking control of building energy use

In the UK, buildings are responsible for large amounts of CO2 emissions.

Prioritising full lifecycle assessment

For the industry to meet climate ambitions, we must prioritise full lifecycle assessment.

Why building design plays a fundamental role in net zero construction

The pressure to design, create and build greener, cleaner buildings has never been greater.

Physics engineering to go mainstream in 2022

Building physics engineers will become mainstream during 2022.