BIM: the solution to the UK’s housing crisis?

The UK is suffering a housing crisis and embracing new ways of working and building, such as BIM, is essential.

Transforming data sharing, modelling and visualisation of infrastructure

DAFNI 1.0 is designed to allow a more cohesive picture of the UK’s infrastructure needs, possibilities and policies to be developed.

Digitising offsite construction

Digitising construction and how new technology is taking offsite to the next level.

How BIM can impact manufacturing

BIM has the potential to impact not just construction but a range of manufacturing industries.

Grabbing high tech with both hands: The need for innovation in construction

Innovation brings new possibilities and new threats along with it.

Becoming a digitally enabled construction sector

The construction sector needs not only to maximise BIM, but also to look beyond it and truly embrace digital technology

Sustainability in MEP Design: What You Need to Know

Sustainability is a hot topic in construction design these days.

Closing the digital skills gap

How firms can ensure a digital culture is built into the heart of construction and have a strong supply of digital engineers for the future.

Meeting the housing needs of tomorrow’s student population

PBSA providers are adapting their products to meet changing customer needs.

Transforming Construction with the new Active Building Centre

Making building more sustainable is a priority. Innovate UK's new Active Building Centre will help transform construction.