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City & Guilds Launches New Course

City & Guilds Group has launched its brand new course to help people who work in industries which have been impacted by COVID-19 to help them understand the skills that are needed for a new career in digital.

The number of jobs advertised in digital technology has rocketed by 26% since June 2020. The new Step into Digital Technologies course, which is being delivered in partnership with leading social learning platform, has been designed to help people understand the career pathways into digital and IT, and will show those who take part how they could transition into the industry using their transferable skills.

This course is the latest addition to City & Guilds Group’s ‘Skills Badges’ solutions, which aims to turn the tide on unemployment in the UK and support people who may have just lost their jobs due to COVID-19 to switch careers into industries experiencing growth. The courses will also help to address skills gaps employers are facing due to Brexit by bringing in fresh talent.

City & Guilds Group recently launched the Step Into Construction course in an effort to ease the pressure on skills for an industry which saw output increasing by 12.4% in the final three months of last year alone.

Created using employer insights and supported by forward-thinking organisations, the courses also provide access to further learning and job search support.

Kirstie Donnelly, CEO of City and Guilds Group, said: “At a time when the jobs market is in crisis, our mission is to help people that might have lost their jobs due to the pandemic to get back into meaningful work as soon as possible.

“We know from our research that many people are worried about starting again and lack the knowledge of other industries needed to switch careers.

“Through Skills Bridges, we want to help people unlock the potential of their transferable skills in order to gain access to a new career and a fresh start. Our courses are focused on industries where we know there is real opportunity for people to find work no matter where they live.”

Justin Cooke, Chief Content and Partnerships Officer at FutureLearn, said: “FutureLearn is proud to grow its partnership with City & Guilds in order to build new Skills Bridges into high-growth sectors such as digital, IT and construction.

“According to our recently launched The Future of Learning report, over a fifth of working adults in the UK don’t expect to be in the same industry by 2030. This growing trend away from the ‘job for life’ is being propelled by young people, who also make up almost three fifths of unemployed people nationally.[3] That’s why providing this generation with accessible upskilling and reskilling resources, such as the Skills Bridges, which can help them boost their careers, is especially vital.

“We hope that by unlocking such tools for our global learner base, we can equip millions for success in the current and future world of work.”

The new Step into Construction and Step into Digital Technologies courses are available on the FutureLearn platform. Those who complete the course will receive a digital credential that they can put on their CV and show to employers when looking for a job.

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