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Homes England appoints DaRTS suppliers

Homes England has announced its appointed suppliers to the new DaRTS Framework.

The DaRTS Framework, which will run from 2023–2027, has been introduced as the replacement for the Multidisciplinary Framework 2019-2023 and will deliver a broad range of built environment professional and technical services.

Barry Cummins, Chief Development Officer at Homes England, said: “We want to work with ambitious suppliers who can help us drive regeneration and housing delivery to create high-quality homes and thriving places across the country.

“Suppliers appointed to the new framework bring with them a wealth of knowledge and housing expertise that will enhance the work of Homes England. In addition to the re-procurement of a multidisciplinary lot providing a comprehensive range of technical and professional services, a second placemaking-focussed lot will allow us to engage directly with specialists to help deliver our agenda to promote quality, decency, good design and sustainability.”

The framework, which is Homes England’s largest professional services framework, will feature a new two-part lotted structure to provide direct access to suppliers with a place-making specialism.

Lot 1 – end-to-end technical and professional services

Under lot 1, the framework will provide access to consultants delivering a wide range of multidisciplinary professional and technical services. The services available under lot 1 include structural and civil engineering services, transport and traffic services and environment and sustainability services. This lot also includes non-mandatory asbestos services that will be delivered by suppliers who successfully tender to deliver these services.

Lot 2 – placemaking, master planning and design services

Lot 2 has been created to reflect the importance of quality placemaking and will provide the ability to engage directly with master planning, landscape design and ecology, planning, and community engagement specialists.

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