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Housing development approved by Edinburgh Council

A new housing development for Edinburgh providing hundreds of homes, including affordable properties, has been approved by the local Council.

Plans for a new housing development in Edinburgh have been given the go-ahead by Councillors at a hearing on the 22nd May. The 655-home development at Cammo Estate is a consortium project by CALA Homes and David Wilson Homes and includes 164 much-needed affordable homes.

The development will provide a unique mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, terraced homes, colonies as well as detached family homes. A key component of the site is the extent of publicly accessible green space – which totals over a third of the entire development and includes linear parks, a seven-hectare park, and over 700 new specimen trees.

A spokesperson on behalf of the consortium, said: “We must thank the local community first and foremost for engaging with us throughout, helping us to shape the final proposals which have evolved over the past two years. We fully understand how important the junctions at Maybury and Barnton are and traffic was a key concern for many people at the outset.”

“We feel the improvements made through Planning Gain contributions will benefit the wider community and those commuting in or out the city. Following yesterday’s decision our focus now turns to assisting the City of Edinburgh Council to ensure a timely delivery of these improvements.”

“At the heart of the design solution has been the delivery of an outstanding landscape environment along with significant investment to improve public transport, education and health care and the delivery of an excellent pedestrian and cycle network.”

“Within the development site we will deliver new bus infrastructure in addition to making contributions to public transport connections to the site. In addition, there is an exceptionally wide range of homes that will help to ease the supply shortfall that features throughout the market.”

As part of the 655 homes, 25% of the development units will be of affordable tenure delivered with a Registered Social Landlord partner; comprising a range of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and terraced homes. The affordable housing will commence as part of the initial phase of development.

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