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Who you gonna call? #Dustbuster

The HSE has launched a campaign aimed at the construction industry and its workers to highlight the dangers from site dust.

HSE inspectors will be visiting construction sites across Great Britain to see if businesses have measures in place to protect their workers’ lungs from the likes of asbestos, silica and wood dust. The HSE will specifically be looking for evidence of construction workers knowing the risk, planning their work and using the right controls.

Dust inhaled on a construction site could contain any number of hazards to workers leading to health problems. According to recent research, the number of deaths from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) as a result of inhaling silica dust or similar has been on the rise, with some 1,000 deaths each year in the UK.

The HSE are asking industry members to become a #DustBuster during the campaign:

Download free selfie cards and send HSE your photos via the #DustBuster and #WorkRight hashtags on Twitter at @H_S_E, or on Facebook via @hsegovuk and @SaferSites.

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