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Innovative green bridge blooms

Opened in March 2017, the new A556 ‘green bridge’ has provided a winter wonderland for local wildlife.

​Stunning new pictures of the bridge across the new A556 Knutsford to Bowdon bypass have been released, which show how the project has literally taken root and delivered a winter wonderland for mammals, birds and other creatures.

Costing some £1.15M the bridge is one of seven constructed across the A556 bypass, which links the M6 and M56. The bridge carries both farm access and wildlife corridor across the A556, as well as maintaining connectivity between the habitats separated by the new dual carriageway.

Opened in March 2017, the new A556 'green bridge' has provided a winter wonderland for local wildlife.

When opened, in March last year, the bridge sported just some green leaves and shoots. Now, it hosts an extensive habitat, with a verdant green border providing a safe passage across the road for badgers, voles and other small animals, insects and birds

Highways England project manager Paul Hampson said: “The green bridge was the centre-piece of our work to ensure the new A556 was the most environmentally-friendly road Highways England has ever built. We are delighted the planting has really taken hold and we’re looking forward to watching the bridge bloom for many years to come.”

Installing the green bridge was one of dozens of measures delivered during the 28 month project to enhance the environment or minimise the impact of the new road, or its actual construction, on its surroundings.

The old A556 has also been ‘greened’ and turned into a £5M B road with dedicated route for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders featuring a raised earth border , planted with wild flowers, to separate it from road traffic.

The project’s green measures earned it a prestigious Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice last year.


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