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Safety Matters: Protecting Staff, Visitors and Assets

It’s the construction industry’s busiest time of year. Longer days, drier weather and lighter evenings all mean sites across the country become more active. Summer is a super season for building firms, as many homeowners and businesses finally action plans to extend, improve and renovate. 

However, with the hive of activity that the summer months bring to the industry, this hectic period is often a time of increased risk. Accidents involving staff, visitors and assets are much more likely to occur during this period of increased production.

 Whatever sector of the construction industry a firm operates in, health and safety is a major concern for both site managers and company owners alike. And one that no company can afford to overlook. 

With the accident and fatality rate being more than double the average of other industries, the issue of on-the-job safety is not to be sniffed at!

According to Susan Hunt from Workplace Safety Advice: ‘A total of 34 million work days [are] lost because of workplace-related accident or illness. Of these, 6 million [are] due to injuries within the workplace…’ So, as an employer it pays to keep your workforce safe and healthy.

 All companies have a duty of care to their employees and visitors. And a legal responsibility to implement adequate accident prevention measures. Most construction firms take these obligations very seriously by carrying out regular risk assessments, ensuring hazards are identified and procedures are put in place.

Working in the construction industry can be a risky business, so don’t let a preventable accident overshadow an otherwise successful summer.

 Protecting your staff

With many potential risks to construction workers, from moving objects and electricity to asbestos and falls, it’s essential that all risk is minimised and that all staff are adequately protected. 

After ensuring that all on-site risk is reduced, it’s crucial (and indeed a legal obligation) to see to it that all staff receive suitable personal protective equipment (PPE). High-visibility clothing, steel-toe boots, safety glasses, ear defenders, respiratory protection and the humble hard hat all reduce the risk of injury. And in some cases protect the wearer from developing serious health issues in the future. 

However, PPE can’t simply be distributed and forgotten about; it must go hand in hand with comprehensive safety training and supervision.

 Protecting your visitors 

A construction firm’s duty of care also extends to any visitors it may receive; it’s the site manager’s responsibly to ensure the safety of all guests, not only employees. Visitors should be protected by wearing the relevant PPE and adhering to the site policy at all times. 

Managing risk can be a constant challenge, as it’s necessary to consider the safety of uninvited guests too. This may include the fencing off of certain areas to prevent the public from accessing them without permission and then coming to harm. 

 Protecting your assets 

As building production increases, so does the risk of damage and theft of heavy-duty machinery, company vans and specialist equipment. 

It’s not only necessary to protect workers and visitors in order to maintain a thriving construction company, it’s important to consider the safety of your company’s other valuable assets too.  

Installing GPS systems in company machinery and vehicles is a great way to improve both the safety of the operator and the safety of your asset. 

A tracking system allows staff driving habits to be accessed and provides an awareness of any reckless or dangerous driving that may pose a potential risk to both driver and company vehicle. The installation of a tracking system also makes it easy to locate stolen vehicles and machinery. 

If you’re interested in how a tracking system can help to improve the safety of your staff and assets, speak with one of our helpful team on 0161 476 4050 to discuss the many benefits of a Phantom tracking system.

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Very soon after our second meeting with Phantom, it was clear that a deal would be made between County Car & Van Rental and Phantom. It was only left to negotiate to what level. Phantom are now our only vehicle tracker supplier taking precedence over existing vehicle tracker contracts.

Phantom arranged for County to take on a small number of units initially on a trial basis, he has been always readily contactable to assist with any queries and assisted with any development issues that County have requested.

I have nothing but praise to say about the team at Phantom and foresee a very happy partnership moving forward in the future between County Car & Van Rental and Phantom."

County Car & Van Rental

You will no doubt recall our original conversations earlier in the year and the fact that as a result we recently purchased x2 vehicle tracking devices for x2 of our new, replacement vans.

I just wanted to take this opportunity firstly to thank you personally for your initial advice & guidance with regard to purchasing this tracking system, but in particular I wanted to let you know how pleased and impressed we are with the performance and capabilities of the system which I have to say has by far exceeded our expectations.

The system has been most beneficial and is used on a daily basis to monitor and track the performance and progress of our vehicles in a positive way.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Phantom to anyone considering these requirements."

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