Invest in the next generation

If we want to futureproof our industry, we must continue to invest in the next generation of workers.

How can businesses entice young people to a career in construction?

Why is construction struggling to recruit home grown talent?

Data reveals half of construction workers feel lonely at work

New data has revealed that half (47%) of construction workers in the UK feel lonely in the workplace.  

What is Social Value and how does it help suppliers to win work with the public sector?

Guy Battle, CEO, Social Value Portal offers his unique perspective on what it takes to win new contract

Potential changes to flexible working legislation

Changes to the right to ask for flexible working is changing and businesses must change with it. But what could the consultation mean?

The importance of diversity, inclusion, and equality within the construction industry

How diversity and inclusion can help tackle the construction skills shortage.

The benefits of eco-friendly construction

Construction companies in the UK are under pressure to adopt eco-friendly construction methods. This is because of the government’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and meeting its targets for renewable energy. Construction companies are also facing pressure from customers who are increasingly interested in sustainable buildings. This drive is echoed

New digital right to work checks for British and Irish workers 

Construction employers need to adopt new digital right to work checks.

Lying on your CV could cost you

In this article, we explore the legalities surrounding dishonest CVs.

Mental Health in Construction: Actions speak louder than words

We need to make proactive changes to reduce stress levels that can cause poor mental health in construction