The future of construction

New research reveals the construction industry faces standstill unless it addresses the barriers to development and growth.

How can businesses entice young people to a career in construction?

Why is construction struggling to recruit home grown talent?

Robotics signals a new reality for construction – upskill or be left behind

In the last decade, the wider field of robotics has witnessed a significant uptake of robot technology in construction.

Construction starts on Manchester government hub

Minister Jeremy Quin has broken ground on the Government Property Agency’s new First Street Hub in Manchester.

Skills boost for SMES

The Skills for Life campaign aims to help SMEs understand all the training and employment schemes available to them,

Reacting to the recession in the construction industry: What are the dangers? 

In a period of recession, the construction industry, like so many others, will be scrutinising all spending and prioritising cash flow above all else.  

Dispelling misconceptions of apprenticeships

The benefits of construction apprenticeships are too often overshadowed by higher education.

Apprenticeships: Aiding the Construction Skills Revolution

Phil Eves, education co-ordinator at BAM Construction, looks at the benefits apprenticeships bring to the industry.

Global Modular Construction Market to rise

Research suggests that there has been a shift in awareness toward the use of modular buildings.

The biodiversity challenge for housebuilders and developers

By the end of the year, the vast majority of new development schemes will be required to provide a 10% net gain in biodiversity,