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How the Liverpool Waters Project is transforming the city

When can we say that a city has ‘been reborn’? This question does not have a clear answer and depends on which social and economic factors are considered. However, there is a consensus that Liverpool, one of the most important cities on the planet, which has seen difficult days, especially during and after World War II, is experiencing a rebirth. This rebirth, which began in the 2000s when various investments redesigned the city centre, continues now with another ambitious project, Liverpool Waters.

What is the Liverpool Waters project?

The Liverpool Waters project is a transformative initiative aimed at rejuvenating Liverpool’s historic docklands. Spearheaded by Peel L&P, this ambitious scheme is one of the largest regeneration projects in the United Kingdom, spanning over 60 hectares and set to take place over the next 30 years.

If the numbers seem extraordinary, it’s because they are. The cost of the project is estimated at over five billion pounds, which will be invested in the construction of mixed-use spaces, homes, commercial and leisure facilities. Here are some key figures:

  • 9,000 homes.
  • 315,000sq m of business space.
  • 53,000sq m of hotel and conference space.
  • 27,000sq m of restaurants and cafés.

The project is divided into five sectors: Central Docks, Clarence Docks, King Edward Triangle, Princes Dock and Northern Docks.

  • Central Docks

Central Docks is set to become the vibrant core of Liverpool Waters, offering a unique blend of business, entertainment, and leisure spaces alongside high-quality residential properties. This sector aims to be a dynamic hub, attracting both residents and visitors with its diverse offerings.

The area is currently seeing remarkable progress. Over 230 homes, a link road, and other crucial infrastructure improvements have been built. Additionally, a ferry terminal to the Isle of Man is under construction and is expected to be operational shortly, enhancing connectivity and boosting regional transport links.

Plans are underway for a £100M development that will introduce 330 smart homes, showcasing advanced technology and sustainable living solutions. This development also includes substantial investment in public spaces, creating a more welcoming and vibrant environment for residents and visitors alike.

  • Clarence Docks

Here, extensive investment in public spaces will maximise the stunning views of the River Mersey, the Wirral, the Clock Tower, the Stanley Warehouse complex, and the Graving Docks.

The area has already seen notable developments, including the restoration of the heritage Bascule Bridge, which links Liverpool Waters to the upscale Titanic Hotel.

Additionally, Clarence Docks has received a water sports centre, a canoe club, a heritage trail operator, and a training company, all of which utilise the dock and water spaces.

  • King Edward Triangle

The vision for King Edward Triangle includes a lively and active streetscape, blending commercial and retail spaces with high-quality residential properties. Improved roads and enhanced public transport services will support the developments, because King Edward Triangle serves as the crucial connection between Liverpool Waters, Liverpool’s Central Business District, and the city centre.

  • Princes Dock

Princes Dock was the first sector to benefit from the venture, and the future of the area looks even more promising, with plans for additional Grade A office space, further enhancing its status as a premier business location. Exciting residential and leisure developments are also in the pipeline, which will continue to enrich the area and offer more opportunities for living, working, and recreation.

Right now, the neighbourhood boasts 1,200 new homes, a range of on-site amenities, a multi-storey car park, and leisure facilities. Notable establishments include the Malmaison and Crowne Plaza hotels, as well as the Liverpool International Cruise Liner Terminal, enhancing its appeal to both residents and visitors.

  • Northern Docks

The Northern Docks is where the new Everton stadium is being built, which will host some matches of the Euro 2028. This means that the Northern Docks will have global visibility in just a few years. That is why the site is receiving major investments, such as a marina with floating residential and retail units, 8,000 square meters of bars and restaurants, and 5,000 square meters of shops. There is no better way for Liverpool to show the world its strength and hospitality.

A Growing City for Investors and Residents

The scale of this initiative is proportional to the financial return that will be achieved in the coming years. Investors will have hundreds of asset options at their disposal, notably in the real estate sector.

The increase in quality of life and visibility will bring thousands of new residents to the city, increasing the demand for houses and flats. The companies setting up in the beneficiary regions will also create a large number of jobs, leading to an increase in the necessity for residences.

Investors should also take into account that this is just one of the projects that are transforming Liverpool into an increasingly vibrant and dynamic city. Other initiatives, such as interventions in the Knowledge Quarter and the Baltic Triangle, are also contributing to the city’s growth.

These property investments in Liverpool are creating an exceptional virtuous cycle. Projects like Liverpool Waters attract significant investments, which in turn generate further investment opportunities. The city and its people definitely deserve to enjoy this exciting period of economic and social development.