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Scale, measure and print pdf drawings

How do you measure from pdf drawings? Do they have any scale?

QuickScale will calculate areas and dimensions from pdfs - all you need is one known measurement like a door width or parking space.

  • Take off any measurement or any shaped area by clicking on the points and corners of that measurement or area
  • Print the pdf to scale on A4 to A1 printers or plotters, even if the original was created in A0
  • Print to scale when the drawing has no scale
  • Measure from hand drawn plans, photos or any of these file types: Pdf, jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, bmp, png, wmf, emf, tga
  • Faster and more accurate than a scale rule
  • No CAD or computer knowledge needed. Many of our customers are self-acclaimed “computer dinosaurs”
  • One off payment – no annual fees or renewals
  • All help and support included
  • Either desktop or USB licences – USBs are guaranteed for 10 years

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Products and Services

There are 3 editions of QuickScale – Lite, Standard and Plus

This page will show you the different editions, what they do and the pricing.

QuickScale can be installed onto a computer (desktop or laptop) or a USB. The USB can be used on any Windows computer. Ideal for working from the office, home or site.