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Is Trident Insurance really different from any other Insurance Broker?

No, all Brokers have to comply with the same FCA regulations irrespective and when you look at closely insurance, it’s not really rocket science

Where we differ from others is that we don’t have hefty overheads of central city rents to pay, and being Independent we can go and deal with anyone and not be restricted by specific agreements

Banks or even Supermarkets don’t act as the principal they are Introducers and get paid a commission like anyone

Insurers themselves or underwriting syndicates do not take on all the risk they price on, and they have to lay off risk with Re-insurers. So when you look at the Insurance market place see Underwriters as expensively paid bookmakers and Brokers either as tied agents or Independent

Large firms will claim they get discounts through volume, but if you check around the market, as we always do,  you will find the one thing in common is there is no commonality in pricing and different Insurers will price far from similar prices

We don’t write long reports 90%  for your perusal, full of waffle when one summary paragraph will do more than enough to give you all the salient points

As a wholly Independent Broker, we understand intimately the problems you see and  not being a large firm we have to be more savvy and accommodating . So many see big as best, which as we all know just isn’t the case but if you say anything enough you can believe the moon is made of blue cheese!!

This is my company so I know what it feels like to have the buck stop with me. Much as we all claim to offer service it still comes down to price and the we offer real checking of the market and if we can’t compete we say so and wont tie you up in knots

Can we improve on commissions?  Yes always to win your business absolutely,  it goes without saying we want to deliver for every customer new or existing

Running your own firm is never easy and now more than ever it’s a massive headache but Trident have been going for over 20 years and seen more than enough to know we will come through this

Maybe with the end of the year in sight you might feel it’s time for a change and if so we gladly welcome you to Trident Insurance and  can promise a fresh approach to looking after your insurance needs