3D-printed house built in one week!

The latest Dezeen x MINI Living video investigates a 3D-printed house, which was built in a week, onsite in a Milan square, using recycled concrete.

Engineering firm Arup and architecture studio CLS Architetti collaborated on the project, which was exhibited during Milan design week this year.

Named 3D Housing 05, the structure was printed within Milan’s Piazza Cesare Beccaria square in just a week. After construction the 100-square-metre house contained a living area, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and was topped with a roof terrace.

The house’s curved walls were printed by a compact and mobile robot, which can print a single wall in 60 to 90 minutes. The machine was designed by Cybe Construction – a 3D-printing company from the Netherlands

The walls were printed with a special mix of recycled concrete, using debris from demolition sites, which cures in five minutes. The mix was developed by one of the world’s largest suppliers of cement Italcementi and can be recycled after a building has been demolished.

CLS Architetti told Dezeen that the project aimed to demonstrate that with 3D-printing technology housing can be built quickly and cheaply.


Source: Dezeen