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Simon Booth
Managing Director of Astute Motoring Limited

The importance of driving licence checking

Whether you use an electronic outsourced, or a manual system, the importance of driving licence checking has been highlighted as the aftermath of the bin lorry accident in Glasgow during Christmas 2014 is opening everyone’s eyes to the importance of carrying out such checks.

The fact that some checks were carried out by Harry Clarke’s employers didn’t stop six people losing their lives while out Christmas shopping.   It appears that the employee lied about his medical condition and as there was documented proof of this, his employers were not held to blame.  However, given the fact that the Scottish Government did not press charges against Mr Clarke, this has opened the door to private claims being made against him.  It has also been revealed that the Government will consider funding applications for private prosecutions against Mr Clarke too.

 You should not allow yourself to be in a position where this could happen to you as an employer – consider the effects that a scenario like that would have on you, your staff and your company.  In addition, it looks very likely in the future that there will be increased emphasis on the employer to get more detail (in addition to the current licence checking) and they must be able to evidence that they have done this – all to prevent information being withheld by employees who are avoiding the risk of losing their job due to medical conditions they don’t report, and the catastrophic effects this can have on all concerned.

Astute Motoring Limited has been recognised as one of the companies to watch in the 2015 business car manager awards. Instead of looking at google ranking or advertising budgets they have relied on service and value as their main factors for growth. Simon Booth The Managing Director commented on receiving the award, “Offering all types of funding and vehicle types is paramount to our growth because not all companies are the same, businesses are facing many challenges at the moment so we need to work alongside them to make sure they get things right and not just try and sell them any vehicle because we have it in stock.