Infrastructure driving construction in 2019

Are ambitious new infrastructure projects the real driving force of the industry?

Report details shortfall in UK housing market

A new report has highlighted how the UK must improve investment in the housing market to provide affordable homes.

Transforming Construction with the new Active Building Centre

Making building more sustainable is a priority. Innovate UK's new Active Building Centre will help transform construction.

First home complete at Daedalus village

Wates residential has finished the first home at the historic Daedalus village development at twice the industry standard speed. Wates residential added the roof to the Daedalus village home in Gosport after just five months and marked the occasion with a ‘topping out’ ceremony. The

Hook, line and sinker – don’t get caught by the phishers

Cyber security needs to be a priority for construction businesses.

Infrastructure and archaeology: the benefits of early partnership

Incorporating archaeology & heritage assessment into the early planning stages of major infrastructure projects

Parliamentary group addresses height safety

An All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) has released recommendations for improving height safety in construction.

Design competition launched for new Notre Dame spire

The French Government has launched a design competition for a new spire for Notre Dame Cathedral.

Utilities infrastructure – when the honeymoon is over

The challenges of utility infrastructure and the supply chain.

Modular homes completed in Northamptonshire

Four new modular homes have been completed in just 34 days in London's first commuter village.