Apprenticeship Levy key to long-term growth

Apprenticeship Levy is ‘not a stealth tax,’ as the deadline draws closer to British business missing out on contributions.

Scaleable responses to infrastructure innovation

Increased efficiency in infrastructure brings positive returns for commerce and society.

Construction alarm bells are ringing but Westminster has been deafened by Brexit

How will the construction industry fare in the face of Brexodus.

Government allocates new fund for road resurfacing

The government has announced £201million for road resurfacing and resilience against potholes and flooding.

Stornoway port authority awards marina construction contract

A marina construction contract has been awarded to RJ McLeod contractors as part of Stornoway port authority's long-term plans.

Evolving Buildings

How historic buildings are being adapted to suit contemporary needs, Tamsin Pickeral, Szerelmey Ltd, sheds some light.

Don’t get caught out – The Construction Industry Scheme

The CIS scheme and how it affects construction firms.

I want to make Britain’s roads 90% recycled

How long will it be before the roads you drive on are almost entirely made from recycled material?

Building higher casts shadow on rights to light

Adding additional storeys to buildings without planning could have serious consequences on rights to light.

How our sector can meet its sustainability commitments in 2019

Sustainability is at the top of the agenda for every sector and in particular, the construction industry.