Quality over Quantity: Retaining Talent in the Construction Industry 

This article looks at the current challenges faced by the construction sector when trying to retain talent. 

Tackling skills shortages in the construction industry with UK apprenticeships

As the rate of UK construction workers continues to decrease businesses must rapidly fill skills gaps to keep up with industry demands.

Construction industry’s digital transformation

The construction industry has been a focal point for the UK government in developing it's digitisation.

Going direct: Why direct award is back in business

As public sector budgets continue to be squeezed, local authorities are increasingly looking at ways in which construction projects - many of which are essential to ensure the smooth running of the public estate - can provide the best value for money.

Redefining excellence in I&L construction

As more businesses look to take ESG performance forward, there’s a growing need for the industrial and logistics property sector to benchmark its buildings.

Navigating net-zero: We have the tools, so why are we falling short?

Retrofitting is an essential element of net-zero says Regan Costello.

Navigating the UK’s immigration system

A guide for construction employers on hiring overseas talents,

Safety of construction workers at risk as unannounced HSE inspections decline

According to the Health and Safety Executive, construction-related fatalities have increased by 55% in the last reporting year.

How can the construction industry better manage risk?

Writing for UK Construction Online, George Sethia, Head of Consulting, Knowledge Services, BSI examines best practice in construction risk management. When a construction project is finished, the end result will probably be what many primarily focus on – how the building looks, how sustainable it

Third party red flags: how developers can avoid reputational damage 

There are a plethora of risks that developers might face when seeking to deliver a project via a third-party contractor.