Materials Shortage Push Innovators to Find Alternatives

Mark Sugden shares his thoughts on how the material shortage in construction is forcing innovators to find more sustainable alternatives. 

Aligning Green Agenda with Economic Recovery

Paul Ruddick is Chairman at Reds10 writes about how the green agenda must be aligned with the UK's economic recovery. 

How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionising Construction

In this latest piece Kaisa writes about the revolution happening within the construction industry thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Using technology to enable collaboration

Chris Potts from ANT Telecom outlines how utilising the right technology can enable managers to have a joined up approach

How Embracing Digitisation can Increase Efficiency & Agility

Here, Craig Powell from Balloon One, outlines how embracing digitisation could boost efficiency and agility in the construction supply chain.

Record Year for UK Defence Training Estate

Allan Fox, Head of Programme Delivery at Landmarc, reflects on a year of significant construction development and investment on the Estate.

Maintaining a Heritage Site

Victor Chirilas, Director of Mainmark Ground Engineering, UK discusses subsidence in heritage buildings and when to seek professional help.  

Reducing Water Poverty Through Retrofitted Water Flow Regulators

Caroline Gray-Mason will explore what councils and social housing providers can be doing to help lower the water bills of their residents

Paperless Planning: Seizing Momentum Post COVID

Paul Beaney from DEF Software writes about the importance of seizing the momentum after COVID and going paperless

Futureproofing the UK construction sector

Renny Borhan, & Toby Hunt from HKA ,discuss how two major disruptions to the industry will influence supply chain issues