Building sustainably is our human duty – interview with Envirobuild’s Dr Aidan Bell

The reason for sustainability is "we cannot carry on as we are doing."

Putting safety first – exclusive interview with LGH UK’s Colin Naylor

Why hire your lifting gear equipment?

New technology, new risks: preparing for a new breed of construction plant

The use of automated bricklayers will be no stranger to us than the first wheeled prototype of the hydraulic excavator was to those in the mid-20th Century.

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Cyber security at the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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AMP6: Dealing with phosphorus removal – interview with Dr Ana Lanham

Is chemical dosing a sustainable solution to lowering P levels?

Stockpile Reports releases new iPhone App for measuring stockpiles

Pointing the iPhone camera at the surface of the pile as a user walks its perimeter, the app captures high resolution imagery.

SBD National Building Approval saves developers time and money

SBD is constantly seeking to find new ways to promote security in new build developments.

Fuelling the Economy

An exclusive interview with Andy Allen, UK Fuel Card Sales Manager for BP.