Court of Appeal Revisits Two-Tie System for Collateral Warranties

Barry Hembling discusses the confirmation that it intends to review whether collateral warranties attract statutory adjudication rights

Planning Early to Avoid Gull Issues Always Pays Off

Netting is the most effective way to protect buildings by denying access to pest birds, a physical barrier that provides total exclusion

1 in 5 Construction Workers Suffers in Silence

According to new findings, 21% of those who work within the construction industry have experienced bullying in the last year.

The Net Zero Carbon Journey

This month you will hear the words ‘net zero carbon’ in the news, on social media and in conversation, more so since COP

How to Ensure Stadiums are Built on Time

How to make best use of the law to ensure your stadium is built on time, on budget, on spec and generating revenue

New dwellings are zero rated for VAT, right? Not quite.

In this article Kevin Hall at Wright Hassall will explain the situation regarding zero-rating for VAT and property development, cover some of the common errors and changes that lead to VAT headaches and highlight simple steps to ensuring the rates are right for every aspect

The Net Zero Carbon Journey – Next stop, Embodied Carbon

Our next greatest challenge in sustainable building is how to reduce embodied carbon.

Lessons learned for 2022

A look back at the last 12 months.

Combating stress on site

The number of working days lost to work-related stress, depression, or anxiety in the UK has grown steadily since 2017.

Progressing the way to net zero development

To achieve net zero carbon, developers must focus on reducing emissions dramatically.