Evidence of Green Shoots in Construction Sector

As the green shoots of recovery begin to tentatively appear, Simon Robinson looks at how construction can emerge strongly from the pandemic.

Survey Highlights Skills Shortage

Stephen Whatling of BSC writes about the skills shortage, and how the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted on this.

Protecting minds as well as bodies

Martin Shields from ODS talks about tackling pandemic challenges head on and caring for the wellbeing of frontline workers.

Are you prepared for UKCA? Important update on UKCA marking and key dates for action

All you need to know about the UK equivalent to CE marking and CPR fire testing, as exiting the European Union trade deals continue to conclusion.

Can Construction Ease Back to Work?

Ashley Doody discusses how construction leaders can help with the back to work transition in a post-COVID world.

Winvic set to Develop AI Enabled Software

Winvic is working on a second Innovate UK funded project, to keep site staff even safer by using machine learing to detect hazards on site

Will COVID Change Building Design?

The impact of Covid-19 on every aspect of life is undeniable no one could have foretold the ways in which this disease would change society

UKIS Engage 2020 in Review

This year, the UK Infrastructure Show (UKIS) was delivered as a live, online interactive event on Wednesday 9 September 2020.

Paving the Way for Next Generation

The recent issues surrounding A-Level exam resultshas left many young people feeling confused about their future.

Life After Coronavirus Lockdown

Life has changed for many people within the construction sector, with many being on furlough, but what impact has there been on mental health?