Getting the best tech talent into construction

Making the most of the digital revolution.

Safeguarding mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

Tips and strategies for mental health and wellbeing at work.

Power outtage trivial compared to directed cyberattack

This week's power outage affecting one million in UK will seem trivial if a cyberattack hits electricity networks, according to UKITRC.

How technology is impacting rail and why we need more investment in talent

We speak with Rob Enright at Samuel Knight International about the impact technology is having on the rail sector.

Tackling the skills shortage with the Construction Skills Fund

To help tackle the skills shortage challenges in the sector the Construction Skills Fund (CSF) launched in October 2018.

How tech will transform the construction industry

Construction is on the cusp of a veritable technological revolution.

Importance of Indemnity Clauses in construction contracts

High Court decision on Rabilizirov v A2 Dominion London Ltd indemnity clause.

Transforming data sharing, modelling and visualisation of infrastructure

DAFNI 1.0 is designed to allow a more cohesive picture of the UK’s infrastructure needs, possibilities and policies to be developed.

Digitising offsite construction

Digitising construction and how new technology is taking offsite to the next level.

Digital Skills for the Construction Industry

The importance of gaining valuable digital skills in the construction industry.