Infrastructure needed to achieve one million homes target

Infrastructure, while essential for jobs, economic growth and productivity, is a complex issue.

Making effective use of graduates and apprentices

Do current apprentices they offer skills employers need?

Sustainability in MEP Design: What You Need to Know

Sustainability is a hot topic in construction design these days.

Building a skilled, digital workforce

With an abundance of digital solutions available, which measures can be taken to ure there are sufficient skilled employees to use them

Closing the digital skills gap

How firms can ensure a digital culture is built into the heart of construction and have a strong supply of digital engineers for the future.

Glenigan Construction Forecast 2019-2020

The Glenigan Construction Forecast for 2019-2020 predicts modest growth in most sectors despite political uncertainty.

Business immigration: Government policy must change to future proof UK construction  

How will UK construction be affected by Brexodus.

Why a career in construction could be the next step for ex-military

Former military personnel have a great opportunity to fill the construction skills gap.

Construction Connectivity – Getting Back to Basics

New technology and processes deliver tangible benefits for construction firms.

Look to the future

While construction deals with short-term uncertainty and challenges affecting activity levels, there is cause for optimism.