Improving energy efficiency with a detailed plan

Making energy efficiency improvements in the NHS estate.

Building into education

Education construction is a significant part of the overall UK construction market.

How can construction improve educational standards?

The opportunities arising from the Government’s education agenda.

Imperative for resilient UK infrastructure

Infrastructure is at the heart of the UK’s economy and productivity, running through transport, communication, energy, water supply and sewage systems. To prevent significant disruption to our transport, economy, well-being or even loss of life, it’s essential that infrastructure is protected and scenarios explored to

New white paper highlights the need for more CSCS SmartCards to be checked electronically

A new white paper by CSCS IT Partner Donseed looks at the statistics behind how CSCS SmartCards are currently being verified on site.

Fully structured education

How engineering is helping to build centres of learning excellence.

Highview Power’s world first grid-scale liquid air energy storage plant

Highview Power’s world first grid-scale liquid air energy storage plant.

Can we make sustainability a priority at all levels of the construction industry?

Sustainability in engineering and construction should touch all areas of the sector.

BIM Level 2: Where are we now?

John Adams of BIM Strategy considers where we on the Great British BIM journey.

Homing in on a robust, future-proof infrastructure solution

How to address the infrastructure challenges for electric vehicles.