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Pipeline Framework: Lift Refurbishment Programme; 2024 – 2027


A pipeline has been launched for Lift Refurbishment Programme; 2024 – 2027.The contract start Date is 15 July 2024. Approach to market date is 27 November 2023.Gentoo Group are currently seeking to procure a Lift Refurbishment Contractor to fully revitalise lifts within various blocks all located within the boundaries of Sunderland, Houghton, Hetton and Washington.The programme will provisionally commence in May 2024 and run for a period of 2 years with a possible extension clause of 1 year – subject to performance and at the discretion of Gentoo Group.It is anticipated that 2-3 buildings per year will require full refurbishments, which will include, but will not be limited to:- Renewal of all mechanical equipment including Lift Motors and Controllers;- Renewal of Suspension Ropes and Belts- Full refurbishment of the existing carriages internally; and- Renewal of all associated Door Equipment.Full information regarding the scope can be found within the Tender documentation.This will be an open 1-stage Tender in which Gentoo will be seeking the following from Bidders:1. A cost for the first years work, inclusive of outlining the proposed materials to be used;2. A qualitative submission outlining your delivery proposals; and3. A Social Value submission which will identify all of the added value you will bring to this programme.Full Specifications are provided within the Tender Pack for year 1 of the programme only. All future years works information will be prepared next year in advance.The Specifications provided are classed as “Performance Specifications” which will require the Tenderer to select the materials best suited to complete the works.The proposed approach to market date is the end of November 2023 with the Tender return being mid-January.This is a potential opportunity from the government, and the pipeline gives advance notice of an opportunity that might be offered by the public sector in the future – allowing potential suppliers to plan accordingly. When a public sector organisation publishes a pipeline notice, it does not necessarily mean that an opportunity will be offered in the future.For more information contact: Gentoo Group, Emperor House, Head Office, Sunderland SR3 3XR. Email: (David Major)