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Celebrating health, safety and wellbeing champions

Some of the best health, safety and wellbeing champions in the world have been shortlisted for the International Safety Awards 2019.

The biggest and brightest in the field will gather at the International Safety Awards in London on 5th April to see who has won the ultimate category awards.

The awards recognise individual contributions to worker and workplace health and safety. Awards for Health and Safety Champion of the Year and Young Health and Safety Champion of the Year will be awarded for the seventh consecutive year. These awards recognise the performance of persons who do not have health and safety as their main responsibility but who have played a major role keeping their colleagues safe and healthy. For the Health and Safety Champion of the Year Award category organisations nominate employees aged 25 or over, whereas the Young Health and Safety Champion of the Year Award is given to a worker aged 16-24.

Shortlisted organisations within the Sector Awards category highlight outstanding sites and business units that operate in the following twelve sectors: Manufacturing; Oil, gas, mining and quarrying; Power and utility; Construction and property; Wholesale and retail services; Transportation, distribution and storage; Hospitality, sports and leisure; Education; Health and social care; Financial, IT, legal scientific and technical services, media; Local government, defence and public service; Onshore major hazard.

Last year, the British Safety Council introduced the Wellbeing Initiative Award which recognises organisations who have improved staff wellbeing. They need to demonstrate a new or unique objective, with a measurable outcome over and above their routine work.

Also, for the second year running, organisations applied for the Innovation in Occupational Health and Safety Award category. The award recognises organisations who have shown a fresh approach to improving health and safety. There needs to be clear objectives and measurable outcomes over and above their routine work expectations.

New for 2019 is the Team of the Year Award category. This recognises outstanding results from a major improvement to health, safety or wellbeing, through collaboration with stakeholders. Stakeholders may include members of their organisation, suppliers, contractors and/or the wider community.

Also, for the first time, organisations could nominate staff and teams for the new Outstanding Bravery Award category. This award recognises staff or teams that have demonstrated an outstanding act of bravery. Without their intervention the situation could have led to significant harm to others, damage to property or even loss of life.

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