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Clear and Simple Guidance for Work Safety

The Construction Industry Coronavirus Forum (CICV) has released a short film outlining key health and safety steps that all staff should take when returning to work.

The 90 second film, entitled Working Together, illustrates the positive day-to-day measures workers in the construction industry can take to protect themselves, their colleagues and the wider community.

The release of the film follows on from the Forum’s previous animation, In It Together, which outlined the procedures for emergency domestic work and was adapted by a host of other UK and European organisations for their own use.

Rebecca Crosland, Health and Safety Advisor at Forum member the Building Engineering Services Association, said: “The restart has the potential to be an unsettling time for everybody concerned, with people unsure about exactly what they should do.

“This latest animation lays down in simple terms, with bright and cheerful graphics, the common sense ways in which everyone can contribute to a safe working environment and help keep the virus at bay.”

In line with Scottish Government and Construction Scotland advice, which is underpinned by an earlier Forum guidance document, the animation advises employees to:

  • Travel to work alone, if possible
  • Always observe physical distancing
  • Wear a proper face covering if required
  • Wash hands properly and often
  • Regularly clean frequently touched tools, surfaces, and areas

The film also emphasises how everyone can play their part by:

  • Bringing their own prepared food and drink
  • Staying on site or using their vehicle during breaks
  • Always coughing into their sleeve or elbow if they don’t have a tissue
  • Staying at home and following Government guidance if they have COVID-19 symptoms
  • Reading their company’s COVID-19 policy and risk assessment

The new film also follows the launch of the Forum’s return to work pack and reinforces its reputation for proactive innovation, with the collective being at the forefront of information distribution and the first port of call for advice and clarity for many enterprises.

Iain Mason, Director of Membership and Communications at SELECT and Chair of the Communications Sub-Group on the CICV Forum, said: “The Forum has been at the forefront of information flow since the start of the crisis in March.

“The number of trade associations, professional bodies, companies and individuals who have come together for mutual benefit and for the sake of the preservation of the sector underlines the core message of the film that, by working together, we can successfully navigate a safe return to work.”

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