Budget 2021: Tax Increases Must be Carefully Measured

Any tax increases the Government might be planning to recoup some of the money spent dealing with the pandemic must be carefully measured

Investigation into Crumbling Stonework in Parliament

Experts have begun an investigation into crumbling stones, cracking ceilings and warping windows in the Houses of Parliament.

Flood Prevention Yields 20% Cost Saving

A new flood prevention programme in Great Yarmouth is set to use an innovation-led approach to help protect properties

Plans to Drive Down Cost of Clean Heat

New plans have been announced by the UK Government to lower the cost of clean heating. Low-carbon, more efficient heating systems

Sustainable Material Trialled at Manchester’s Mayfield

Manchester’s Mayfield regeneration made history last week when the location used a pioneering piece of structural engineering,

Bold But Balanced to Reach 2030 Carbon Target

There is no single challenge facing the construction industry – and arguably the world - that is bigger than reducing carbon emissions.

CSIC Showcases Built Environment’s Role

The Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) is ready to put the built environment at the heart of addressing climate change

Annual House Price Index Rises

Latest data shows that the average UK house price increased by 10.6% over the year from August 2021, which is up from just 8.5% in July.

Plans to Decarbonise UK Power System

Plans have been revealed to ensure that homes and businesses in the UK are powered by affordable, clean and secure electricity by 2035.

New Homes Built on Derelict Land

Thousands of new homes are set to be built on underused & derelict land with the aim of regenerating local areas