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CMA launches investigation into the supply of chemicals

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched an investigation into suspected anti-competitive conduct in relation to the supply of chemicals for use in the construction industry.

The CMA has reason to suspect anti-competitive behaviour has taken place involving a number of suppliers of these chemicals and some industry bodies.

This conduct relates to the supply of chemical admixtures and additives which are an essential input for products like concrete, mortars and cement used in the construction industry.

The CMA is working closely with the European Commission, which has also launched an investigation into suspected anticompetitive conduct in the sector today. The CMA is also in contact with other authorities, including the United States Department of Justice, Antitrust Division.

Following a period of investigation and information gathering, the CMA may issue a statement of objections if it comes to the provisional view that competition law has been infringed.

However, not all cases proceed to a statement of objections, and at this stage no assumptions should be made about whether competition law has been broken.

The investigation reflects the CMA’s commitment – outlined in its Annual Plan 2023 to 2024 – to deter anti-competitive behaviour, so that competitive, fair-dealing businesses can innovate and thrive.

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