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Consultation starts on Lincolnshire flood risk management

The Environment Agency (EA) is beginning consultation on coastal flood risk management in Lincolnshire.

The consultation will assess flood risk management between Saltfleet and Gibraltar point that will prevent coastal flooding for the next 100 years. The defences will provide protection for 20,000 residential homes, 1,700 businesses, 24,500 static caravans,  and 35,000 hectares of farmland.

The public consultation will allow local residents and business owners to give their views on the strategy, which proposes rock structures along the coast and continued replenishment of sand washed away in the ocean. The aim of the new defences is also to avoid disturbing the natural environment and preserve species and habitats in the area.

EA Flood and Coastal Risk manager Deborah Campbell said: “This draft strategy proposes a new approach to coastal flood risk management, which will help us continue to manage flood risk for thousands of homes, businesses and static caravans as well as agricultural land and a vibrant tourist industry in Lincolnshire’s coastal communities over the next 100 years.”

“Last year we consulted with the community on a shortlist of six options. We are very pleased to now present this strategy following rigorous environmental, technical and economical assessments as well as wide engagement with residents and other stakeholders.”

“Our new draft strategy is adaptable to a changing climate, and will enable us to continue to provide and maintain coastal sea defences with healthy beaches for the enjoyment, wellbeing and prosperity of the people visiting, working and living in Lincolnshire, We invite residents, business owners and any others with an interest in the strategy to submit their views during the consultation.”

A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) has been carried out and a Strategic Environmental Assessment Environmental Report will run alongside the consultation. The EA will hold drop-in sessions where people will be able to give their views, suggestions can also be submitted online or through a consultation form that can be requested by calling 0208474913 and strategy documents will be available at local libraries and council premises.

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