Sector - Health & Safety

NHS recommends anti-infection action during hospital construction

NHS Grampian has encouraged strong anti-infection measures to protect patients while the Baird Family Hospital and Anchor Centre are being constructed in Aberdeen.

The organisation has encouraged anti-infection procedures to protect patients receiving treatment that reduces the immune system, such as chemotherapy. Concern has been raised over dust and microorganisms that can be spread through construction work.

Robust cleaning procedures, adhesive mats to collect dust, and ensuring windows are closed can help prevent dust contamination and the spread of illness. It is expected that such measures will be enforced to ensure patient safety.

Most people can be exposed to such contaminants risk-free, but they can become a problem for vulnerable patients. NHS Grampian has said that any large construction project can cause problems for people with weaker immunity.

The Baird Family Hospital will house a new centre for all neonatal, reproductive medicine, and maternity services. The Anchor Centre will be the new base for radiotherapy, haematology, and oncology.

The £163.7million construction work began earlier this year and is expected to be completed in 2021. NHS Grampian revealed that the currently closed nearby Forresterhill Road junction will be reopened shortly, after it was closed earlier this year for construction work at the hospital.

The centres are being designed with the latest technology in mind, including modern IT services and self-check-in for patients. Funding for the construction comes from NHS Scotland and charitable funds.

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