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Work begins on Royal Liverpool Hospital repairs

Essential structural repairs are set to start on Royal Liverpool Hospital to ensure the work can be finished safely.

Repair work is due to restart on the construction of the Royal Liverpool Hospital after the collapse of Carillion put a stop to building work. The structural repairs are being undertaken by Arup and Laing O’Rourke and will require 220 cubic metres of concrete and 164 tonnes of steelwork to support floors in the building.

Arup carried out a structural review of the building and developed a programme to fix the building’s structure. Laing O’Rourke has been preparing the building for the new work, including stripping back near completed sections to access the concrete structure so that it can be improved.

Dr Peter Williams, Chief Executive of the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital Trust (RLBUHT) said: “We’re looking forward to updating our local representatives, Louise Ellman MP and Mayor Anderson on the progress being made and the challenges ahead. This is a complex programme of work that will take time to complete. ”

“Whilst work on these structural interventions is underway, the programme to complete the new Royal will be finalised. Once the programme is finalised and the costs are all accounted for we’ll confirm timescales and costs. We owe it to everyone to not raise expectations with speculation, until everything is signed, sealed and delivered.”

“Our priority is to deliver the state of the art facilities that our patients need and the world class hospital we’ve all been waiting for.”

Some of the cladding and exterior structure of the building will be removed in order to transport concrete and steelworks into the building. The structural repair is set to begin later this year.

Safety measures are in place to ensure construction workers reduce their risk of injury. The work is being designed to prevent deterioration to the hospital and to protect the hi-tech gear that has already been put in place.

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