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Construction vehicles set for hydrogen-powered revolution

Tractors, diggers and forklifts powered by hydrogen will help building sites and agricultural businesses go greener under government plans.

A switch to cleaner technology will allow construction and farming, two key parts of the economy, decarbonise faster.

New regulations would allow hydrogen-powered tractors, diggers and forklifts to be used on roads in Great Britain, with a consultation running for four weeks.

Technology and Decarbonisation Minister, Anthony Browne, said: “Allowing hydrogen-powered tractors, diggers and forklifts to use our roads is a common-sense move to help reduce emissions.

“These proposals are an important part of our plan to decarbonise transport in the UK, with skilled jobs in British companies helping roll out this cutting-edge hydrogen technology, making it more affordable and commonplace.”

Hydrogen-powered construction and farming vehicles can improve the sustainability of the sector by reducing emissions from the tailpipe.

The launch of the consultation comes after the government issued construction equipment manufacturer JCB with a vehicle special order last year, giving the company permission to test its hydrogen-powered diggers on UK roads.

These proposals will expand this permission permanently across the sector, meaning manufacturers can more easily scale up production of sustainable equipment where battery electric power is not practical.

Alongside electric, hydrogen is one of many sustainable fuel sources that could accelerate decarbonisation. Projects such as the government-funded Tees Valley Hydrogen Hub are showing how green hydrogen can be utilised across the transport sector, creating jobs and apprenticeships in the region and boosting the economy.

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